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Alle Palme  –  WELCOME

Pottery and porcelain

Is a primitive art, famous for its ancient civilizations, it is an industry inherited from our fathers and grandfathers, the products in pottery and porcelain these days are many, including: tiles, walls and floors, bathroom.
The base material for the manufacture of pottery and porcelain are: Tina Altobah red, and Tina flexibility and diverse pottery mud.
The skilled labor is one of the most important elements of any successful production project.

1 Tina processing: crushing, screening and rocker Bmnakhl storage pools within three to five days.
2 casting in plaster molds.
3 temperature of the combustion furnace of 1170 ° C, allows increasing the mechanical strength of the product.

A type of pottery, made ​​from a soft cohesive ground, roasted and painted with a layer of plaster, then it is decorated with a layer of colored glass (enamel) and then heated again so that the enamel is encrusted slowly .

tiles are made ​​of plaster is mixed with white sand smooth, then put into a mold and powdery penny per glass, then painted by a viscous fluid and broiled, then painted again with bright colors.